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It is used by a civil engineer to design structures like foundation, beams etc. On the other side, it may be used by a mechanical designer to design any mechanical part.

Actually, Mechanical CAD has all the features of AutoCAD, along with a library of tools and parts according to standards.


Auto-Cad Civil


Conversion of units

Draw, Modify, Dimension Styles

Floor plan creation

Elevation & Section Creation

Layers, Block, Grouping

Template creation

3d Modeling of Floor plan

Rendering & Material

Layout & PDF Generation


Revit Architecture & Structure


Project Generation

Setup of Unit, Level & Grid

Wall, Door, Window Design

Flooring, Ceiling Design

Roof, Openings, Curtain Walls Design

Import CAD Files

Grouping, Ram Railing, StairCase

Family Customization


Schedule, Quantities

Sheet Composition, Phases

Structure(Grid, Footing, Column, Beams)

Views, Camera Walkthrough

Light, Rendering

Conceptual Massing

Final Project


Staad Pro

Introduction to Structural Concepts, GUI

Model Generation, Properties, Supports

Load Calculations and assigning loads (DL and LL)

Load Combinations and post processing

Wind Load Analysis

Water Tank Modelling, Loading & Analysis

Slab Analysis

Seismic, Stair Case Analysis

Concrete Design

Isolated Footing Design

Combined Footing Design

Pile cap Footing Design

Shear Wall Design

Bridge Deck Analysis

Roof Truss Calculations

Wind Loading for RT,Truss Design

Report Generation and Other Miscellaneous

Project Essentials and Guidance


3D's Max+V Ray


Interface Setting

Standard Primitives

Customizing the units

Basic Modifiers

AEC extended Objects

Working With Layers

Introduction to Materials

Working with Materials and Maps

UVW mapping and texturing

Working with Lights and shadows

UVW mapping and texturing

Working with Lights and shadows

Understanding Frames

Animation tools Auto key, Set Key

Animating Cameras, Populate Data

Working with AutoCAD file

V Ray – Materials 360 Degree Image

Exterior Modelling, texturing

Render Passes

Project Essentials and Guidance


Google Sketchup+V Ray


Interface, Navigation Setting

Large Tool Set

Solid tool set

Dynamic Components


Standard Views

Styling of objects

Location Tab


Grouping, Components, Layers

Section and Scene creation

Walking Camera view

Material, Styles

JPEG output

Final Project




Interface Study

Basic Tools, Menus and Commands

Opening Creating new document

Understanding layers and path

Re-Touching images

Image colour corrections

Working with textures

Duplicating images

Working with Align, Mirror, Gradient

Working with Blending, Filter option

Text and Image Effects

Images Combination

Passport Size Photo

Canvas Image Size

Strokes, Define Pattern

Copy Merged

Final Project

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